I was at the point in my life when you think what next? I had spent 25 years in an industry I no longer wanted to be part of. I looked at various business ideas then came across the seminar, of which I was particularly interested in one franchise.

Simon Dodson, Expense Reduction Analysts franchisee

I found the range of franchises available on the market mind-blowing.

Ian Buchan Arundell, Expense Reduction Analysts franchisee

The seminar offered a balanced spectrum of speakers, highlighting both positives and negatives of the franchise search.

Mr & Mrs P Collis-Smith, 12th May 2015 – London

Franchisors telling you of their stories and giving advice. This gives you the courage to keep pushing until it becomes a reality.

George Anang-Tagoe, 12th May 2015 – London

This seminar is a real eye opener and also informative.

Charles Aina, 12th May 2015 – London

I’ve got to know lots of things which I did not know before.

Kuwait Theivendran, 12th May 2015 – London

The general overview and statistics were interesting – the whole evening was informative.

Karen Hall Butler, 10th March 2015 – Manchester

Very educational, great part of starting your journey onto franchising.

Chris Woodhouse, 10th March 2015 – Manchester

The most useful part was introducing new franchisors. Opening my eyes to what is out there. Very educational – an absolute must for potential franchisees.

Leon Darby, 10th March 2015 – Manchester

Very educating for anybody who wants to get into franchise. Worth attending.

Krunal Patel, 10th March 2015 – Manchester

An excellent overview of franchising with plenty of ideas for further research.

Paul Mullany, 10th March 2015 – Manchester

The seminar prepared me to know how to join any franchise. Interesting and informative.

Ismail Akinode, 10th March 2015 – Manchester

A great start to what is hopefully the beginning of a new life!

Michelle Walpole, 10th March 2015 – Manchester

Well worth the time if you’re interested in investing in a franchise.

Spencer Hughes, 10th February 2015 – Birmingham

Very good and well explained in basic layman’s terms.

Steve Agabeg, 20th January 2015 – London

Very good speakers, clear and concise. Good to hear pros and cons, which you can’t always get when researching on the internet.

Joanna Trent, 25th June 2016 – London

A very informative and engaging seminar.

I would recommend to anyone thinking of franchising.

Christian Mubaira 22nd Nov 2016 – Manchester

Very educational and informative, I now have a clearer view of how franchise works.
Every part is useful.

J Dyefolu – 22nd Nov 2016 – Manchester

It was quite educative and enlightening. It helped to shed light on areas of franchising I didn’t understand hitherto.

Rotini Olaseyinde – 21st Mar 2017 – London

Knew nothing about franchise business, very good presentation, know quite a bit now!
The whole seminar was very useful.

Arshad Ali – 21st March 2017 – London

All very useful information, Thank you very much.
This seminar was a couple of hours very well spent… and it was free!
Thanks very much

Mary Sanderson – 21st March 2017 – London

Guest speakers were …honest about the advantages and disadvantages. They were very helpful and encouraging. It was a real pleasure to attend this event; Would recommend!

Mike Makana London 7th November 2017

The seminar has the right balance of information. Very educative and informative seminar. Gives me confidence to go further in my research. Thank you all

Ruth – London 7th November 2017

The information is educational. I enjoyed it and learned a lot

Aynalem Menesha – London 7th November 2017